Permanent & Semi Permanent Cosmetics

 Permanent & Semi Permanent Cosmetics

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About the Artist Caelie Steele

  • Certified in cosmetic tattooing procedures & micro – blading
  • 17 plus years in the beauty industry, opened and operated successful days spas in San Francisco, and Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Permanent Makeup Certificate from the – Huntington Academy School of Permanent Cosmetics, 100 hours of education and hands on procedures, January 2017
  • Advanced Permanent Makeup Training at the Huntington Academy School of Permanent Cosmetics – March, & July
  • Graduate of Lytle’s Beauty College with Esthetician Certificate, February 2001
  • Licensed & insured
  • California blood born pathogens training & certificate of completion, January ‘17
  • Inspected by Mendocino County Health Department & follows all safety/sanitation guidelines.
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Education, CSU, Chico May 1997
  • Member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals


What you need to know, Questions & Answers

Permanent Cosmetics vrs. Semi Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics is also called Semi – Permanent. But to keep consistent with the industry we use the word permanent on our marketing materials. Each procedure will last approximately 1-10 years. Most clients choose to get a touch up about every 2-4 years.

Things that can fade your pigment:

Home care products and facial treatments that include any exfoliation ingredients such as: vitamin A ingredients (retinol, retin –a,), AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids), hydroquinone, vitamin C. Sun, age, weather, genetics, lifestyle, health, and nutrition….

What to expect after the treatment?

The color will be more dramatic for the first few weeks—over the next 4-8 weeks (after the healing process) the color will fade to a more natural look (it usually fades 30-50%). There may also be swelling and or crusting (this is expected and normal) and its important to follow the post procedure home care directions.

What is used for the color – pigment?

Not ink- which is used for tattooing but a smaller molecule product that is specifically used for the skin on the face called: Pigments that are FDA approved ingredients, patented, and safe.


What is the difference between Micro-Stroking (also called: Micro – Blading) and Semi – Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent/Semi permanent cosmetics is in the same family as a “tattoo” and a tattoo gun/equipment is used for the procedure. Mirco-stroking is when multiple small needles are on a blade – that is then used to insert/apply the pigment into the dermis layer of the skin.

Who is a good candidate for Micro – Stroking (also called micro-blading) and who is not?

Someone generally who is under the age of 30 and does not have very dry or very oily skin (normal skin).

What is the difference between a block color look and a hair like stroke?

Block color is a more severe (dramatic) look. My technique is the hair like stroke and it looks more natural.


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