Cosmedix is a scientifically developed line of skin care products. These premium formulas are enhancing and invigorating treatments with an ability of diving into the foundation of what promotes healthy skin; healthy cells. By focusing on the chirality of a cell, Cosmedix is designed to rejuvenate the skin, creating a more luminous, healthy look.

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Yon-Ka specializes in anti-aging formulas that will shed years off of your skin, allowing you to put your best face forward. What sets these products a part is not only their ability to give a revitalizing age correction treatment, but also an age prevention treatment. This allows users to take the first steps to keeping their skin healthy and youthful. Yon-Ka gives you a chance to stay ahead of the clock.

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Supracor: Bath Mit, Body Exfoliato

Supracor provides honeycomb products. They are inspired by nature and designed to give the utmost quality of personal care to each user. Their line of mitts, exfoliators and pillows will provide a comfortable and clean experience for cosmetic services.

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pfb Vanish

The pfb Vanish product line soothes and protects your skin after treatment. Designed to safely and properly penetrate the skin to relieve ingrown hairs or irritations after waxing, this product is absolutely beneficial after certain treatments.

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Ladyburd Cosmetics

As a private-labeled, manufactured beauty line, you can expect a high standard of products. Their focus is primarily on quality over heavy branding and the difference is noticeable. The formulas in this EU registered product line will leave you feeling radiant and confident and with a wide array of colors in their stock, there is something for everyone.

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Brushes by Karen

Brushes by Karen are 100% synthetic and vegan. These natural brushes will apply make up with the absolute precision, concealing blemishes and enhancing features while also being gentle on your delicate facial skin.

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